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Dr. KAMALAM Clinic
No.11/8, Mangalapuram 2nd Street
Chetpet, Chennai-31
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Welcome to my Professional Profile
After graduating from Stanley Medical College, Chennai in 1987, I worked in a Private Hospital in Chennai for 17 years as Senior Intensive Care Medical Officer. I was a Visiting Medical Consultant for a private factory in Chennai for 10 years. With 23 years of experience in private practice, I run a private clinic in Chetpet and I am the Medical Officer at the Urban Primary Health Centre run by the Corporation of Chennai and The Communicable Diseases Hospital in Tondiarpet.

I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal & Child Health (PGDM&CH) from IGNOU. In 2007, I went on to do my Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Diabetology (PGDHSc (Diabetology)) from the Annamalai University. I am the Fellow of Council of Independent Practitioners (FCIP). This was given based on my professional experience which helps me to update day-to-day professional knowledge. I am the Fellow of the Royal Society of Health (FRSH) in London, United Kingdom. This helps me improve my awareness on Health issues and abide by the ethical code of practice and conduct demanded by that esteemed Institution.

AT PRESENT - I am a Consultant Diabetologist and a Family Physician. My clinic is at No.11/8, Mangalapuram Second Street, Chetpet, Chennai-600031. I take great care and pride in seeing my patients everyday from 7.00pm to 11pm except Sundays. I have been serving my patients in this clinic since 1987 for24 years.

GOVT MEDICAL OFFICER - I am also working as Medical Officer in Urban Primary Health Centre run by Corporation of Chennai. Here the main focus is on Tuberculosis, Malaria, Diabetes and Hypertension. Regular health camps on every Wednesdays in slum areas are conducted to detect anaemic, diabetic and Hypertensive patients. Apart from this, every Tuesdays and Thursdays school health programmes are conducted to screen ENT, skin, respiratory and cardio-vascular problems and worm infestation among the students from Pre-KG to Higher Secondary level.

The Communicable Diseases Hospital (CDH) at Tondiarpet serves the people in Chennai City and in sub-urban areas and treats more than 250 patients per day. The common conditions we admit and treat are all acute diarrhoeal diseases including Cholera, Dengue, Chickungunya, chicken-pox, measles and acute infectious parotiitis. We have successfully admitted, diagnosed and treated several cases of swine flu and Cholera outbreaks in our CDH. We also give advice on Health prevention on acute diarrhoeal diseases.
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