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Dr. Mehta's Children Hospitals
Chetpet, Chennai-31
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What is Peadiatric Surgery ?
Laproscopy Surgery
Neonatal Surgery
Peadiatric Gastroenterology
Peadiatric Urology
Peadiatric Plastic/Corrective Surgery
Peadiatric Thoracic Surgery
Peadiatric Surgical Oncology
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Mobile: 9840113875
Office: 42271000-5
Dr. Mehta's Children Hospitals Chetpet, Chennai-31. INDIA
Welcome to my Personal Profile

I live in Chennai for the past 30 years, I landed up in Chennai because my father was Tamilnadu State Govt official based in Chennai. My early schooling was at DonBosco, Perambur. My undergraduate medical Degree (MBBS) was at KMC, Chennai - 1984 to 1989. I further specialised in Geneal Surgery (MS) at Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore - 1991 to 1993.

I joined Tamilnadu Govt service in 1994 at Dharmapuri and did rural service for 3 years. I underwent super-specialist training in Pediatric Surgery (MCh) -1997 to 1999,at Madras Medical college)

My wife is Dr. Kavitha Dhevi, a pediatric Anaesthesiologist., she work as consultan Anaesthesilogist in different city Hospitals Namely Dr.Mahta's hospitals, Noble Hospital, Adithya hospital Bagdi Hospital.We have a son and a daughter.

My favourite past time is Yoga and.Meditation (kundalini). I was intitiated by. Vedhantha Mahirishi of SKY (simplified kundalini yoga) & I was trained by Jaggi Vasudev
I practice daily for the the past 15 years.,it helps me in relaxing , also whenever i have to take a major decision , self- analyse my strengths and weaknesses and become a better person and a compassionate doctor and a surgeon.

My hobbies include listening .Music both classic & western reading Books, ,i read all types of books maily, Historical, philosaphical ,Mythological ,about Tamil language books also science especially Astro physics Attending the sath sang ( listening discourses religious.)

My ambition is to help poor patients which i am doing it in govt hospital .i also do free surgeries for Hospital workers kids. I am intertested in Web based Health Education to promote health awareness among the public by writing on common problems. Please read my blog.

I am interested in social work.,i work for free camps.,& help in organising free treatment.i regularly contribute to charity

My area of specialist interest is Pediatric Laproscopy.

My Advice on Common Conditions
Congential Pyloric Stenosis
Habit Constipation
Hernia - Hydrocele
Tongue Tie
Undescended Testis
Wilms Tumour
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