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What is Peadiatric Surgery ?
Congenital Hydrocele
Tongue Tie
Lymph Node Biopsy for TB
Lymph Node Biopsy for Lymphoma
Laproscopy Surgery
Neonatal Surgery
Peadiatric Gastroenterology
Peadiatric Urology
Peadiatric Plastic/Corrective Surgery
Peadiatric Thoracic Surgery
Peadiatric Surgical Oncology
Peadiatric Neurosurgery
Peadiatric Anaesthesia
Pediatric Surgery

Peadiatric Surgery is a specialised branch of General surgery. For the past forty years, Pediatric Surgery is a seperate surgical superspecality which treats just born (new born) upto eighteen years of age.

Chennai (Madras Medical College / ICH & HC, Egmore) and Madurai are the first in India to start Pediatric Superspeciality. Prof T.DuraiRaj (TDR) and Prof M.S.Ramakrishnan (MSR) are the fathers of Pediatric Surgery in India. Initially there are three Mch trainees every year in Tamil Nadu, Now it is eight per year.

Now the Pediatric Surgery Department in ICH is one of the biggest departments in India. It is having three General Pediatric Surgery Units, one Pediatric Urology and one Surgical New born Unit. We have 4 Pediatric Surgical Proffesors, 11 Assistant Proffesor and 9 MCh trainees.

Children Hospital Egmore is a 600 beded Pediatric Hospital (biggest in southeast Asia), Hospital started fifty years ago under the guidance of MSR, 50 beds are allocated for Pediatric Surgery. Our Department has seven operating sessions per week for each unit, we have fifteen bedded post operative intensive care ward and twenty bedded Surgical New born ward. We have specially trainee staff nurses to handle surgical new born babies, infants and older children. We have exclusive blood bank for our hospital which helps us in all blood products whenever needed.

Training - MCh pediatric surgery course is one of the toughest course to undergo, MCh trainee is expected to stay in the campus for the entire training period (three years), where the traine is allowed to do minor surgical procedure on is own and major surgical procedure under guidance, by the end of third year the MCh trainee will be able to do any pediatric surgical condition on his own. He also trained in academic activities has to present papers, attend national and regional conferences.

The department has following sub specialities namely pediatric Urology, Surgical New born, Pediatric Laparascopic Surgery, Pediatric Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Surgical Oncology and Pediatric Plastic surgery.

Common Pediatric General Surgical Conditions are:
Phimosis :
The most common day care surgery for patients who are having tight prepuce and balanoposthitis
Hernias :
It occurs either one side or both sides. Both boys and girls, surgery has to be done immediately also a day care procedure.
Congenital Hydrocele :
It is fluid collection around the testis, need surgery after one year.
Tongue Tie :
The tongue is stuck to floor of mouth by band, needs release at one year of age.
Lymph Node Biopsy for TB :
It is a diagnosis procedure
Lymph Node Biopsy for Lymphoma :
It is a diagnosis procedure
My Advice on Common Conditions
Congential Pyloric Stenosis
Habit Constipation
Hernia - Hydrocele
Tongue Tie
Undescended Testis
Wilms Tumour
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