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What is Peadiatric Surgery ?
Laproscopy Surgery
Ovarian Cyst removal
For Recurrent Pain Abdomen
Neonatal Surgery
Peadiatric Gastroenterology
Peadiatric Urology
Peadiatric Plastic/Corrective Surgery
Peadiatric Thoracic Surgery
Peadiatric Surgical Oncology
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Peadiatric Anaesthesia
Laproscopy Surgery
Laproscopy Surgery is a specialised branch of Pediatric surgery for the past twenty five years, the progress in pediatric Laparascopic surgery is much delayed than adult Laparascopic surgery.

The reasion

(Abdominal cavity and Hemodyamic problems)
Initially the common procedure done in Pediatric Laparscopy is removal of Appendix. Now we do almost all pediatric procedures by Laparascopy which were done orginally by open (conventional) method. The other common Laparascopic procedure include removal of ovarian cyst, removal of non functioning small kidneys for non palpable undescended testis, diagnostic laparascopy for recurrent abdominal pain.

Our Department at ICH has seperate Pediatric Laparascopic unit with all its accessories

Advanced Pediatric Laparascopic Procedure include LAARP (Laparascopic Assited Ano Rectal Pull Through), Laparascopic Plication of eventration of diaphragm, VATS (Video Assister Thoracoscopic Surgeries) for Empyema, Mediastinal Cyst, Lymph biopsy. I was trained in Laparascopy ten years back by our senior Pediatric Surgical faculties and I attended every year Pediatric Laparascopic workshop conducted in India, Since 2002.

I have done more than Five hundred Laparascopic apprendicectomies, Large number of Ovarian cyst, LAARPand VATS.

The Training in pediatric Laparascopic is really challenging we need patience to learn pediatric laparascopic, their is always learning curve in all new methods.

Laparascopic procedures commonly done :
Appendicectomy :
The most common laparascopic procedure in children, can be done even in infants post operative recovery is very early in laparascopic surgery.
Nephrectomy :
It is done for non functioning and MCDK kidneys.
Undescended testis :
Laparascopy is indicated for non palpable testis even at the age of six months it can be done.
Cholecystectomy :
It is done for gallbladderstones post operative recovery is very early in laparascopic surgery.
Ovarian Cyst removal :
Easily done in children with ovarian cyst at any age group post operative recovery is very early in laparascopic surgery.
Thoracscopy :
It is done for early empyema and mediastinal cyst.
Diagnostic Laproscopy for Recurrent pain Abdomen :
It is done to find out the cause of abdominal pain.
My Advice on Common Conditions
Congential Pyloric Stenosis
Habit Constipation
Hernia - Hydrocele
Tongue Tie
Undescended Testis
Wilms Tumour
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