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Abnormal opening of Urethral opening in the under surface of penis, very common pediatric urological problem Incidence is one in five hundred.

What do you see – Presentation
The penis usually bends forward (chordee), the urinary opening is not in the tip, anywhere from base to one centimetre below the tip, the parents will bring the child for voiding urine very close to feet.

When I see such patients, I find…..
The penis is short curved, small urinary opening not in the tip, may be associated with absent testis either unilaterally or bilaterally.

Treatment why...?...when..?
Treatment has to be done because meatus is not in the tip, the penis is curved, should be done before school going age.

Treatment options
Usually done in two stages depends on severity most pediatric urologist operate either around one year or between four to five years, is a major pediatric surgery which last for two hours.

Follow Up care
The patient has to stay in the hospital five to seven days with catheter in the urinary bladder. The stitches are dissolvable and need not require removal, there can be a variable degree of swelling and penis may look ugly for ten days, the child can take food next day of surgery, can go to school after fifteen days.

My Experience
I have done more than five hundred hypospadiac surgery  with no major problems.





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