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Hernia - Hydrocele

A small passage has developed or left open connecting the belly to baby's groin, the second common surgical condition next to phimosis

What do you see – Presentation
Bulge in the inguinal (groin) region, complaints of swelling in the inguino scrotal region, the swelling comes and goes, whenever baby strains.

When I see such patients, I find…..
On occasion, a child may develop a tear in the anus (anal fissure) after passing a large or hard bowel movement. The pain from the tear can lead to with-holding. Barium enema test has to be done.

Treatment why...?...when..?
The intestine may get stuck in the hernia leading to blockage of the intestine or the blood vessels to the testicle. If this happens, emergency surgery may be needed and the intestine or testicle may be damaged. It is advisable to fix the hernia as soon as possible before complications develop. Hydrocele surgery is done usually after one year of age.

Treatment options
Conventional open surgery is for both conditions, laparascopic surgery is not advisable, DAY CARE surgery done under short GA duration. Surgery time – 30 minutes.

Follow Up care
The stitches are dissolvable and need not require removal, the child can go to school after three or four days review after two weeks.

My Experience
I have done more than four thousand hernia and hydrocele with no major problems.





My Advice on Common Conditions
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